Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The SIIS System to do Almost Everything

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I talk to a lot of people. Everyone has something they want to accomplish, but they cannot figure out how to even get started. I found myself consistently give a modified version of the exact same advice. I just recently realized that this advice could be applied to almost everything. I myself am applying the principles that we are about to cover on my blog, homestead, and in our families preps. These same principles can be applied in starting a new business, learning a new skill, developing a community, or really anything.

After you have decided something is a good idea you can either jump in half cocked or you can diligently research your idea. I have done a little of both, but after you have done all of the research you want to do you are faced with the action steps. The problem many people run into is they don't have the money to get started, or at least they think they don't. Many people run to the bank and ask for a loan. This is fine sometimes. Sometimes though an idea for a business or homestead is difficult to explain. If you don't have good credit or a sound business plan the banks will not loan you money. Even if they will, you have placed yourself in debt or as I am beginning to view it, you have placed yourself in bondage to the loan company. This is true of every aspect of life. I know that it is nearly impossible to buy a home or land without getting a loan, after that you can do most things on your own with a lot less money.

So What Is The SIIS System?

I am sure that someone else has come up with this concept, only I have not been able to find it anywhere. I know that no one else calls this type of system the SIIS system. How do I know this? Because I have looked and looked to make sure. So at least the name of the system is my own. The SIIS system is a way that you can do almost anything without jeopardizing your financial well being. It doesn't matter if you are wanting to start a business, homestead, get out of debt, or are looking at getting started being more prepared the SIIS system will help you accomplish your goals and dreams.


 Unless you have a significant amount of money and time at your disposal or you have no responsibilities, you may find that you will have to start any new venture off small. Very few things can't be started this way. Most anything can be started in your spare time and with very little money.

What are the benefits of starting small? There are actually many. You will be learning the skills needed in your new adventure. You will be more able to gauge the interest, better than you would be able to otherwise. You will learn a lot about cost management, marketing, time management, and so much more. If you fail you haven't placed your family in jeopardy. You haven't gone into debt. You can start with what you have.


This part is a challenge for many. We live in an ADD society, everything is vying for our attention. Flashing signs, billboards, screaming commercials, and even notifications from our smartphones can break through our concentration at times. When we look at the intentional part of the SIIS system, what have to realize that most things are incremental. The intentional stage is when you spend time planning and developing action steps and goals.

 Intentional actions and developing your plan and goals will help prevent us from just doing anything that we think will advance us toward our end goal. We have to have a plan.


Each step must build on the last. This sounds simple, but it is not as common as you would think. I have seen been guilty of doing everything and anything that appears to advance me toward my goal.  This sounds like a good idea, but many times this creates chaos. Doing things in a designated order are always better.

Action steps should be small enough to achieve fairly easily. One of the biggest problems many people have is that they set very lofty goals and get discouraged before they reach their goals. They don't have a way to recognize all of the things they have accomplished that have moved them closer to that goal.

A strong building cannot exist if there is not a strong foundation. When building a business or learning a new skill the incremental aspect still exists. Things have to be learned or done in a certain order.


Up until this point, everything we have talked about has been in the realm of thought and planning. The greatest plan in the world means nothing if a person doesn't act on it. This is the point where we have to get off of our laurels and get to doing something.

Failure is always an option. As much as I hate to say that it is true. I have heard several people say that failure isn't an option, they have placed themselves in a situation that if they fail it will be a catastrophic blow to their financial lives and sometimes even to their relationships.

Failure is part of anything worth doing. I cannot tell you how many times I have done something that didn't work out the way I expected. Some adventures I have completely failed. That is fine. I have learned from every challenge, you can to.

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