Thursday, November 12, 2015

My 2 Cents #1

It is my scheduled time to write. I have gone over my list of topics that I have though of over the course of several weeks. I truly believe that all of them are important and will benefit people, but my heart is heavy and my mind is filled with all manner of thoughts. I have tried to organize my thinking and focus on one thing, but I just can't seem to get it done. Instead of a single topic, we are going to discuss a few things.

Friends in Need

If you have ever lived in a true community, not just a common geographical location, you know that you develop neighbors, acquaintances, and friendships.  A neighbor doesn't have to be a person you know really anything about other than where they live.

I have several neighbors, I wave at them when we meet, say hello when passing, and will even shake hands and express pleasantries when our paths cross. I will help protect and defend them if the need arises, but to be honest, if they were to move to another community, it would take me a while to notice they were gone.

I have fewer acquaintances. These are the people that you can carry on a conversation with, even if you really don't have much in common. I may know their children or something about where they work. I may see them regularly at high school football games or whatever. They are truly a part of your community. They just are not someone I would consider close. If they need help I will do so, but they are not part of my circle.

I have never been one who had a lot of friends. That may be because of the way I define a friend. The dictionary defines friend this way:

1 a :  one attached to another by affection or esteem
   b :  acquaintance
2 a :  one that is not hostile
   b :  one that is of the same nation, party, or group
3 :  one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)
4 :  a favored companion 
For me all of these definitions fall short. To me a friend is someone in whom you have trust and/or confidence, someone with whom you feel a connection that goes beyond small talk.

A friend is someone with whom you will laugh when they laugh and sometimes even laugh when they fall, after you have made sure they are alright and cry with when things just aren't right. A friend is someone who will tell you when you are messing up and will encourage you when you are on the right track. They push you to be better. You rush to the aid of a friend.

The homestead and preparedness bloggers and podcasters are a community of sorts. I know many of the writers and speakers. Some better than others. Some I would consider neighbors, some acquaintances, and a few I really consider friends. Tammy Trayer from is one that I truly consider a friend, even though we have never met in person. We have spoken, she has interviewed me on her podcast, and we have chatted on line, but I believe we have a connection that makes us friends.

Tammy's health has been decreasing over the past couple of years, but they couldn't figure out why. Well, they have figured it out and she hasn't released the details, but she will have to undergo surgery and treatments. She is over 1000 miles away, but my family and my heart goes out to her. If you would like to help her during these trying times for her and her family there are some things you can do. First and foremost, you can keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Second, you can go to her store and if there is anything there you would like you can make a purchase. This will help them pay the medical bills that they will be experiencing. Third, if you feel led to do so you can donate to help them with the medical expenses. All of these are completely up to you. Thanks.

The Idaho Rancher

This story has filled up my news feed on social media and I have gotten a few emails about it. I don't know the whole story. I wish I did. Here is what I do know. A man's bull was hit by a car, this is free range land so there are no fences. The police called to bulls owner. The owner came with a rifle to the scene of the accident and winds up being shot to death by the deputies. His wife sees the incident and has a heart attack, she is currently in serious condition in the ICU. A very bad deal.

 Like I said, I don't know any more about the situation than anyone else. I am watching it closely, but at this point that is all I can do. I am having to force myself not to get angry at this point, but it has made me reconsider my thoughts on other police involved shooting in the recent past. I know that there are good officers out there. I know some. I also know that there are people who wear a badge of law enforcement that shouldn't. I will be watching this very closely. If the media starts trying to demonize this rancher that will seriously call into question their treatment of other possible victims of police violence. That is all I can say at the moment.

You Never Know Who You Influence

On a much lighter note. A friend of my youngest son has asked me to speak at his baptism. I have known this young man for a few years and he has been a good friend to my son. I was honored and surprised by his request. I am what my wife calls a hard person. I am what I am and that's all that I am. Yes I quoted Popeye. When he has asked for advise, I have given it just as if he were my own son. Really that is all that I have done, but it was enough for him to see me as someone he respects. Be true, you never know who is watching.

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