Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Urban Chicken a Review and a Giveaway

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Hello everyone. I am really excited because on November 11th The Rural Economist will be celebrating its one year anniversary. We posted a few things before that time, but that is when I really got serious about sharing my projects, thoughts, successes, and failures. I am also excited because we will be offering our first giveaway. Heather at did an excellent job of putting together a very good book for someone who is thinking about getting chickens for the first time. 

Heather covers different laying breeds and the most popular meat chicken breed. She covers both chicken coops and chicken tractors with the pros and cons of each. She shows pictures of a chicken run that she made out of pvc (which makes me proud that I was not the only person who made their chicken housing out of that stuff).

Heather includes a recipe for homemade chicken feed and talks about the benefits of giving the chickens a chance to free range at least part of the day to help reduce feed costs. I really like being able to move my chickens around, though I will admit it has been a while since I have done so.

The chapter that impressed me the most was the chapter on How to Cut Up Your Chicken. Heather has included a step by step with very good quality photos. If you will follow Heather's instructions you will be cutting up your frying chickens like a pro in no time. (Do not get frustrated if the first couple of times does not turn out so well, that is normal.) 

Heather covers preserving your meat birds as well. She goes over the basics of freezing and canning the meat. She also includes several recipes.  Heather did an excellent job. This ebook is worth several times more than the $3.99 that she charges.

Now for the best part. Heather has given me permission to give away three copies of this eBook for The Rural Economist anniversary. There are three ways to have the opportunity to win this eBook. (1) Follow this blog by clicking the Join This Site button and leave a comment on this post. (2) Follow The Rural Economist on Facebook by clicking HERE. Then find the post about this eBook being given away and post my tagline. It is easy to figure out here is a hint it will be in italics. This eBook is a great recourse to help you....

Keep It Rural

Remember these ebooks will be given away by random draw on November 11th. I will announce the winners both on Facebook and here.

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