Friday, November 22, 2013

Rural Wisdom and Know How #3

News from the Carter Homestead:

This past week has been insane. I have been barely able to keep up with the schedule I have tried to set for my self on blogging and the things I want to do here. I work in retail in my day job so you know that is crazy trying to get ready for Black Friday. Crazy workers trying to prepare for crazy shoppers.

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My wife has relented on not letting me take a major role in the cooking of the Thanksgiving dinner. I know it is hard for her. She has been cooking Thanksgiving dinner since she was about 12. She knows I am a good cook and I am glad that she will entrust me with this, her most important meal of the year.

I know that nearly everyone is trying to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. We have fixed a couple of thing already and have them in the freezer. I will be doing a lot of the cooking this year because my wife will have to work the night before and she will need to sleep. If you are looking for some really cool ideas for this years Thanksgiving dinner check out the Homestead Bloggers Network's 7 Days of Thanksgiving. Lots of great recipe ideas. I am sure there will be some great ideas posted here by all of our wonderful bloggers.


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Questions for the Week:

(1) Do you have a winter garden?

(2) How would you describe your homestead; rural, semi rural, semi suburban, suburban, or urban?

(3) Do you have any special traditions on Thanksgiving?

(4) What projects are you planning for either this winter or next spring?

My Answers:

(1) I had planned on having one, but I just did not get it put in.

(2) We are semi rural and live on 1/2 acre.

(3)  We really don't. I am wanting to start one. This year we are going to go around the table and everyone has to list one thing they are thankful for.

(4) I have a HUGE yellow jackets nest in an old storage room. Soon on a Really cold day, I am going to take them out. Next spring I plan on putting in a meat bird run.

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Keep It Rural

I cannot wait to read all of the wonderful posts from great writers all across the country. But first here are the featured posts from last week.
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