Friday, November 15, 2013

Rural Wisdom and Know How #2

News from the Carter Homestead

We had our first killing frost this week. That means I will be digging my fall potatoes this next week. We will see how they did. I will be honest, I am not very optimistic.

My wife’s birthday is this next week and I would like to take this opportunity to tell her in front of the world how much I love and appreciate her. We have grown together in ways that I did not think possible. Baby you are incredible.

I and my youngest son spent some time with my grandfather this past Saturday running the family grist mill. In a little less than an hour we ground about 100 pounds of cornmeal. If we were to run a giveaway for some home grown, home ground cornmeal, would you be interested? Please comment to let me know.

7 Days of Thanksgiving

The Homestead Bloggers Network will be hosting & Days of Thanksgiving the 21st through the 27th of November. Each day will feature a different meal course i.e. drinks, salads, main dishes. There will be lots of great ideas and if I can get my act together I will have posts on at least 2 of those days.

This Week’s Question
(1)    Have you started planning your Thanksgiving menu yet?
(2)    Have you been participating in the month of thankfulness?
(3)    What is the biggest challenge you face on your homestead?
(4)    Name one thing you are thankful for.
My Answers
(1)    Our Thanksgiving will be lite this year. My wife has to work the night before. I have offered to fix the whole meal, but she would not hear of that.
(2)    I have. Each day I post something I am thankful for on The Rural Economist Facebook page. I think it is good to reflect on all of the blessing we have.
(3)    Time. If I had more time I could do more around here and maybe even post more than twice a week.
(4)    I have already said my wife above, but I will give one more. I am thankful for a whole family that is working toward being more self sustainable.

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Now it is your turn. Please post your answers in the comments section. This way we will get to know each other better.

The Rural Economist

The Rural Economist

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