Friday, October 23, 2015

Front Porch Friday #4

Welcome to Front Porch Friday!

Front Porch Friday Blog Hop 
We have had our first frost of the season. That is always welcome for me. I really don't like to hunt anything with fur before we have a frost. Squirrels and rabbits commonly have what we call wolf worms in them before the first good frost. Wolf worms are a parasite that are common in many animals. They really don't damage much meat and it is safe to eat an animal that has had wolf worms after you cut out the affected area, but when you are having a difficult time getting your family to eat wild game anyway, you really don't want something that will turn them against it completely.

Gregg's pick this week is New Shower by Early Bird Farm. It is always encouraging to see people start from scratch and build the life they want.

Mama K chose Ditch the Plastic! by Taylor Made Ranch. Mama Kautz is all about reducing your toxic load and using jars a great way to do that.

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