Friday, October 9, 2015

Front Porch Friday #2

 Welcome to Front Porch Friday!

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 This week has been fairly interesting. I have been fighting sinus problems for a couple of weeks and am finally feeling a little better. I went with the wife and youngest daughter shopping and realized that I just do not fit in with modern culture in any way. I am going to need a new pair of pants and thought I would get some cargo pants instead of jeans. Well guess what? They don't make my size. When I get the waist right the length is too short. If I go to a size where the length is right, the waist swallows me whole. I guess this is some of what many ladies go through, but I refuse to shop for very long. I will find some online, hopefully.

I am looking forward to reading some great content this week from bloggers all around.

My pick.  
Banana chocolate chip mini muffins. I will be the first to admit that I have a sweet tooth and these sound really good.

Mama K picked
Life with Goats by Medium Size Family. If you have or have had goats you will relate.

Shelle PreparednessMama likes this useful season end idea from Taylor Made Homestead.

Make your own homemade cider and can it for the cold winter months.

Thank you to all who linked up last week!! I really enjoy reading your posts!
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