Thursday, April 24, 2014

Getting Prepared for Beginners Series #2 The Preparedness Mindset

I have heard countless people say that preppers are the ultimate pessimists. That is not true. In fact, they are very optimistic. Think about it; true hard core preppers believe that even if nuclear war breaks out ,somehow they are going to be one of the ones who survive. I would call that the most optimistic pessimist I have ever seen. So I want you to look at things through the eyes of someone who thinks "I am going to survive".

Jack Spirko at The Survival Podcast doesn't use the word prepper. He uses the term Modern Survivalist. The term Survivalist has come to mean the crazy people who when things get bad they are going to go out into the forest with nothing but a gun, some ammo, and a big knife and try to survive. A modern survivalist is not like that. We are going to breakdown the word.

Survival: to continue to exist
ist: a suffix meaning to specialize in the a fore mentioned skill.

Okay so my wife is a Respiratory Therapist. She is a specialist in Respiratory Therapy. Makes sense right? So a Modern Survivalist is a person who specializes in the ability to continue to exist. That doesn't sound crazy at all to me.

I have heard so many people get hung up on the zombie apocalypse. I do not know anyone that honestly thinks that something is going to happen and all of the sudden all of the people in the morgue are going to start moving around looking for the human buffet line. What many in the preparedness movement call zombies are those who react poorly in a crisis situation. How many of you remember the news reports from Louisiana about when the food stamp card was not showing a balance? Certain stores decided they were going to take these cards anyway and trust in the honesty of the people with these cards. What happened? Many people stole hundreds of dollars worth of food and when it was announced that balances were showing again they all fled. This happened when everything was good. Can you imagine how these people would react if they didn't know the next time the store would be receiving a shipment or when the power would come back on? That is what people are talking about with the talk of zombies. Those that feed off of the effort of others.

For the story about the EBT Card fiasco you can got HERE.

People who are prepared are taking responsibility for themselves and their family and many times their neighbors. Even suggests you keep at Least three days of food and water. The three day recommendation is based on the average response time of FEMA. They want you to stay alive long enough for the government to rescue you. Remember during Katrina three days would not have been enough. We will talk about food and water storage later.For now we are focusing on the mindset.

I believe the most important thing that anyone can have is a survival mentality. Any person in any situation that believes with everything that is in them that they are going to make it through tough times. Your mantra should be "No matter what happens I am going to make it."

Once you learn to think like a survivor everything else comes a little easier.

I hope this series makes it easier for you to have:
Rural Dreams and Homestead Wishes

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