Thursday, July 18, 2013

Homemade De Skunk Recipe or (Quy the Skunk Slayer)

I have been out of the loop a couple of weeks so there is plenty to write about and I have a lot of catching up to do. Nearly 2 weeks ago our new home was delivered. We bought a new doublewide mobile home. We were not ready to move into it yet, but were moving small things and were in and out of our new home quite a bit. On Friday Quy my 9 year old German Shepherd went after something in our yard. When he came back it became very obvious that he had had a run in with a skunk. My son said "Oh my God what is that smell?". My wife added we are not letting him in the house smelling like that.

The first thing I wanted to do was find out what had happened to that skunk. I asked my wife which direction he had come from. After she told me I got my .22 rifle and went skunk hunting. I did find the skunk, but apparently when the skunk sprayed Quy, it just ticked him off. Quy had killed the young skunk.

After I had learned the fate of the skunk it was time to deal with my very smelly best friend. If you have ever had to deal with anything that has been sprayed by a skunk and tried the tomato juice thing, you will agree that it does help. But tomato juice is not the end all de skunk solution that people have said it is. Several years ago I found a recipe that I swear by. It works so well that Quy slept on the floor beside me that night just as he has for over 9 years. So, what is my secret? This works best if you can use it before the scent dries on the animal or item.Be warned it could take the color out of some items. Here goes:
First I take some, yes tomato juice. I use the cheap, generic V8 juice and just pour it on the dog and make sure all affected areas are covered. I let this set while I prepare the last part.

1 cup Dawn dishwashing liquid
1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
3 heaping Tablespoons of Baking Soda

That is it. Lather really well and let soak for at least 3 minutes. Be sure and rinse thoroughly. If the musk has had time to dry you may have to wash with secret deskunk a second time. Trust me it really works.

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