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Hello, I am Gregg the Rural Economist. Here we write about homesteading and preparedness. We try our best not to make everything dry. I only enjoyed the classes in school when the teacher made things interesting. I am trying to do that here. I was raised in the country. I have used an outhouse, plowed a mule and a team of oxen, helped process a pig, killed and processed countless chickens, and hunted everything worth eating at some point. 

I am not just backwoods. I have a bachelors degree in business management with a minor is entrepreneurship from Athens State University and graduated with a 3.87 gpa on a 4 point scale. We have gone to the symphony and loved it and I really like the Glen Miller Orchestra. Love to read and learn.

My grandfather and my dad have always been my mentors. My grandfather taught me about what plants that grew around us that I could eat, which ones could be used as medicine, and which ones could kill me. My dad taught me the value of an honest days work and to stay at it no matter how I felt.

My wife Nicole, The Un-Country Country Wife, is the most supportive woman in the universe. She writes with me from time to time and I am always grateful when she does. She brings a perspective that I could never have. She looks at many of the things we do through the eyes of someone who has never done anything like this before.

Nicole is an RRT (Registered Respiratory Therapist), she worked really hard to achieve what she has and for that she is one of my heroes. Any time I have a medical question I ask her. If she does not know the answer, she finds it for me. That my friends is the ultimate definition of a good teacher.

I hope you enjoy getting to know us and learning the things we have to share. Believe me, we will be learning together.

I wish you Rural Dreams and Homestead Wishes

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