The Rural Round Table


First. What is the Rural Round Table?

It is a group of experts on various topics that are of interest to homesteaders and preppers. You can email your questions to I will forward your questions to the appropriate expert, they will record an answer and the answer will be in a future podcast.

Meet the Round Table

Maat Van Uitert
The Chicken Expert Maat Van Uitert owner of and has her own podcast called What the Cluck? She has been interviewed on several podcasts and is a wealth of information. 

Sean & Monica Mitzel 
The Permaculture Expert and Canning Expert. Sean is the owner of Sovereign Sonrise Permafarm and The Prepared Homestead Podcast. He is a permaculture design consultant and can answer questions about permaculture, water management, food forests and more. Monica is the power source behind their whole system. She is determined to preserve every bit of their harvest she can.

 Tammy Trayer
The Off Grid Living Expert Tammy Trayer with www.trayerwilderness and Mountain Woman Radio will take questions about off grid living. She has full experience since she is living the dream of many in her off grid home in Idaho.

Scott Terry

The Animal Husbandry Expert Scott M Terry of and host of Christian Farm and Homestead Radio on blog talk radio is living his dream in upstate New York on a natural dairy farm. He is looking forward to your questions on animal hustandry.

Tiffany Davis

The Homeschool Expert Tiffany Davis of has been homeschooling since 1996 and has 3 graduates and one still in school. She has written a kindle book called Homeschooling Fundamentals.

Katey Kautz

The Essential Oils Expert Katey Kautz of is both a homesteader and a prepper with a passion for essential oils. She can answer any questions you might have about their use and benefits. She has a lot to teach. 

Kelly Cable

The Homemade Beauty and Cleaning Supplies Expert Kelly Cable from  Kelly has dedicated herself to learning and teaching homemade beauty and cleaning. She offers a lot of information on how to make soaps, creams, cleaners, and more. She is the author of Homemade Beauty from Head to Toe and has an ever growing eStore

Stacey Lynn Harris

The Cooking Expert Stacy Lynn from is a mother of 7 former attorney and author of 3 books and a has a DVD on cooking venison. She can help with all cooking questions especially cooking wild game. She is the author of several books and a great asset to the Round Table.

Melissa K Norris

Traditional Pioneer Skills Expert Melissa K Norris of, hostess of the Pioneering Today Podcast, contributor to The New Pioneer Magazine and Molly Green Magazine is ready to take your questions on any of the pioneering skills, specifically from scratch cooking, food preservation, and food production including animals. 

Patrick Blair

The Preparedness Expert Patrick Blair of  can answer any preparedness question for those that live in an urban or suburban setting. He is a wealth of information and a really good guy. He is looking forward to your questions. 

LeAnn Edmondson
For the Beginners LeAnn from  has a soft spot for the beginners. LeAnn is homesteading in Alaska and has written two prepper fiction books the second book will be out soon. She would love to help you get through some of the pitfalls when getting started.  

So you see we can cover pretty much any question you might have. Send us your questions and we will help you out. Again send questions to and the answers will be in an upcoming episode of the Bringing Rural Back Podcast. Here is the link for iTunes and the link for Stitcher.

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