Blogs I Read and People I Listen To


This list will be growing over the next few weeks. 


Janet with You can read her interview on this blog HERE.
LeAnn with . You can read her interview on this blog HERE.
Stacy with . You can read her interview on this blog HERE. 


Alex with If you would like to read his interview on this blog you can do so HERE.


Julie with Read here interview on this blog HERE.
Patrick with Read the interview HERE covers pretty much everything; family, homesteading, preparedness, you name it. They have a blog and a podcast. I was honored to be interviewed by Mom Prepares about my experience farming with horses. If you would like to hear that interview you can do so HERE

Podcasts Mr Mitzel from Idaho. Covers a good range of topics, mostly homesteading and self sustainability related. He does a news segment at the beginning of each episode and closes with a scripture. Idaho Dr Bones and Nurse Amy. They cover a wide range of medical preparedness topics. Gail (Ggirl) great research, you will learn a lot. Georgia This guy covers traditional and modern skills, he does a really good job Wisconsin Everything you can think of for self sustainability in the Homestead Texas. No longer active but the archives are well worth a listen. Permaculture, prepareadness, and just good common sense Texas Learning together to produce as much of our own food as possible Michigan No longer active, but their archives are still available online. Traditional skills, like their blog, their podcast is okay, but to me the blog is better. Not sure where they are from.

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