Friday, April 25, 2014

Want to Learn to Pickle?

Pickling is one of the skills once you learn it you will use it over and over again. If you do not have someone who will teach you, you will want a clear concise tutorial. Enter A Primer on Pickling. This short little eBook covers everything you need to know to get started pickling.

A Primer on Pickling covers a little on the history of pickling to show how long this process has been used as a form of food preservation. Homestead Dreamer shows that pickling is still a viable and tasty form of food preservation for today.

Homestead Dreamer covers all of the equipment you will need for fresh pack pickling and includes four recipes for pickles. You do not even have to have a pressure canner for the pickles she covers.

If you are just getting started you cannot beat this little book for only $1.99. Check it out on Amazon. You can click the image above or it is even in The Rural Economists Amazon Store. You can access The Rural Economist Amazon store on mobile by clicking where it says home at the top and selecting the store or by selecting the astore to the right.

Hopefully this will help you have...
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Other equipment you might need. 

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