Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wild Edibles Wednesday: Queen Anne's Lace or Wild Carrot

Wild Edible Plants

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This is the first of the wild edible plants that I discovered as an adult. The discovery was made by accident. I was pulling several of the plants up when I realized it smelled just like a carrot and the root looked very similar as well. As a result of that observation I was on to more research. I have always been a plant geek and had a desire to be constantly learning. The original post  that contains a full write up has been pinned more times than a hand me down dress pattern on Pinterest. Nothing else comes even close. There is so much to know about this plant. 

I guess you can tell I am starting to get comfortable recording videos and am letting my personality shine through. 

Remember this one has a toxic look a like that can kill you! Be careful. If it doesn't smell like a carrot leave it be. The correct plant have a lot of uses. I encourage you to save all of these. Start a foraging Pinterest board, I have been told you can download the videos, that is fine.

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