Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Episode 50 Fishing

In this episode we talk about freshwater fishing. You can subscribe to this podcast on Stitcher or iTunes.

We talk about basic equipment, bait, and 4 types of fish that are common in our area.


Jug fishing/Noodle fishing - really the lazy man's way of fishing. Really need a boat for this type of fishing to be effective. This method has always worked well for me in winter. Primary target species is catfish. (may or may not be legal in your area.)

Cane pole - time honored, poor man's method. With practice fishing with a cane pole can be very effective when it comes to line placement, especially when fishing in and around underwater treetops.

Rod and Reel - this is the method most people think about when you talk about fishing. The combination of rod and reel can be as cheap or as expensive as you are willing to spend.

Trotlines - May or may not be legal in your state.  Must have at least one anchor or tie off point and are typically used in more narrow streams and tributaries.

Types of Fish

Bream - Probably the easiest to catch any time of year. You will have to use a bobber and adjust the depth of your hook and bait. When bream are spawning (on the bed), the will bite at almost anything. This fish has the highest creel limits of the fish listed.

Bait can be artificial or live bait. I have always gotten best results with crickets and/or grasshoppers.

Catfish - Bottom feeders. Best bait for these fish are things that are stinky, blood baits, or rooster livers. Rooster livers are tougher than hen livers and will stay on the hook better.

Crappie - In my opinion the best tasting of the fish listed. Normally fish in downed tree tops, using minnows, cane poles work great for this fish. Spring time is the best time to fish for this species. There are some artificial baits that will do well with this fish.

Largemouth Bass - This is the main sports fish in our area. Artificial bait is primarily used. Can be fished for from bank or in a boat, but a boat gives you an edge. Even when this fish gets large it still tastes pretty good.

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