Monday, March 28, 2016

Episode 49 Should You Take a Wilderness Survival Course

In this episode we talk about wilderness survival courses.

General Information

Wilderness survival courses last anywhere from a few hours in an afternoon to a couple of months. Generally the longer the course the more intense the training. Course cost runs from $25 to hundreds of dollars per course.
Shorter courses tend to focus on surviving long enough to be rescued and more advanced courses teach bush crafting and true long term survival.

What You Will Learn

Basic Course

Suggested Gear
Water acquisition and prification
Basic Knots
Basic Shelters
In a basic course you may not cover food at all.

Advanced Courses

Basic Herbal Medicine
Foraging and Trapping Food
More Permanent Shelters

Benefits of Taking a Course

Skill Development
Problem Solving

Who Absolutely Should Take a Survival Course


It is more optional for everyone else, but still provides all of the same benefits. If there is a low cost course in your area, I strongly suggest you consider taking one. If you have an avid outdoors-man in your family that does things the old way, you may be able to learn from them.

Outdoor activities are great fun and can be enhanced by knowing these skills. If you are a prepper these skills will cross over in to everyday life if something happens.

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