Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kevin's Quality Clothes Pins

Do you line dry your clothes? If you do you have no doubt fought with clothes pins. I cannot tell you how many times I have hung a pair of jeans on the line only to come back a little later and find them laying on the ground. Ugh. If the grass is green that is not too big of a problem, just shake them off and hang them again, but if this happens when the ground is wet you may have to rewash them. 

While I was growing up there was one store that my folks would buy clothes pins from. It was called House or Jordan. An old man and old woman ran the store with the help of their grandchildren. They had things in that store that I am convinced hadn't moved in over 20 years. Mom said they were the only place that sold good quality clothes pins. They were tough. Good strong springs and made of hard wood.

Fast forward to today. I am the only one in my family that likes line dried clothing. They say it feels scratchy. I still like the feel and smell of line dried clothing. We will still line dry from time to time, but the frustration level has gone up because the quality of the clothes pins have gone down. Mass produced and more cheaply produced pins are part of the problem.

Kevin's Quality Clothes Pins is trying to fix that. Made of good quality springs and oak wood (leftover from other projects) These clothes pins have a lifetime warranty. What a deal. Check them out. As a way of introducing Kevin's Quality Clothes pins we are taking part in a giveaway. Three lucky winners will receive a set of 30of these tough pins. Good Luck.

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