Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wild Edibles Wednesday: Broadleaf Plantain

wild edible and medicinal

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This is actually the first wild medicinal I was ever introduced to. I remember we were working with the bee hives and my gloves weren't taped up right. My grandfather only wore a hood and nothing else. I got a be up the sleeve of my shirt. Of course it stung me. My grandfather just pulled a leaf from this plant, chewed it a little and put it on the sting. The pain went away very quickly. We didn't know the real name of the plant and it took me a bit to find out what it was. We just called it the sting plant. I have since made sure that this plant is around. There are even people who have asked for seeds. This plant has so many benefits and uses it should be at the top of your list to know.


Two of our children actually got involved in the filming of this video. So many good times can be had outside learning about the plants that are around you all the time. I hope these videos will encourage you to do so, especially with your children. I am happy to say that all of my children know and have used this valuable plant. 

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