Thursday, June 4, 2015

Verilux Solar Flashlight: a review

I am one of those guys that think you can never have enough flashlights. My wife has even joked about it. When Christmas comes around I am very likely to give a flashlight as a gift as anything. When I was offered the opportunity to review a solar flashlight, I was thrilled.

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The verilux solar flashlight is a little weird looking, but I understand the design. The design is so the solar panel can be large enough to charge the battery pack. The design feels a little strange to your hand at first. The on/off mechanism is a button not a switch. So far it has given me no trouble, but it has been my experience that buttons fail more often than switches. The light is water and impact resistant.


The batteries are metal nickel hydride NiMH. These are the far better than NiCd and are comparable to lithium ion  rechargeable batteries. I do whish they were regular AA batteries and not a battery pack, but the pack is easy to install and Verilux does offer a replacement battery pack, the information about which was included in the box, but after checking Verilux does not have these replacement battery packs listed on their site. The battery pack appears to just be 3 AA batteries that have been made into a pack. You might be able to use batteries for many of the rechargeable phones that have a similar pack, but I have not tried that so I cannot be sure.


It provides a good quality light. Not blue not yellow a good full spectrum light. The first charge takes 10 hours of true sunlight, not ambient light. After the first charge 8 hours of sunlight will give you a little more than 4 hours of shine time. This thing WILL NOT go all night. The Readylight has a little glow in the dark ring right above the led area which is kinda nice for locating the flashlight in the dark.

For the quality of light
For how long the light lasts


The flashlight is fairly lightweight, but feels rugged. It is water resistant, not water proof and it can take a few drops and bumps. The carabiner style clip is a nice addition. It does clip well onto a belt loop, backpack, or gear bag. However, after a little use the clip seems to not be as secure, it is still functioning properly, but I wish the hinge were a little more formidable.

Price and Conclusion

The Verilux Readylight solar rechargable flashlight is a little pricey compared to many that you will find on Amazon, but it is the best of the ones I have tried so far. Most of the lower priced solar rechargeable flashlights either do not put out a lot of light or they just fail to function well. If I were going to score this flashlight just on my expectations it would have scored a little lower, but when I take into consideration the ones I have tried in the past I must give it at least a half acorn bump. A lot of the solar powered units on the market are garbage, this one is not.

I keep this light with me in the truck. It is the first one I grab unless I need both of my hands. If you want a decent solar rechargeable flashlight without breaking the bank, this one may be a good option for you. BUT, there is a chance at winning one for free below. Good luck.

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