Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aftermath- A review

Aftermath, a Story of Survival review (the Rural Economist)

I don't read a lot of fiction, but when given the opportunity to do this review in conjunction with a giveaway I jumped at the chance. This story is written by a fellow homestead and preparedness blogger.

If you would like to watch my video review of this book you can do so below.

Ever wondered what the world might look like if everything connected to the internet were to fail? I had never thought about how fragile the grid and really almost everything else is when it comes to the internet. All it would really take is a super computer virus and our way of life could change dramatically. Now add a major catastrophe occurring in several major metropolitan areas.

This book follows the hero Jimmy as he realizes that his entire world has just changed because of a super computer virus. Jimmy is a blue collar guy and a military veteran. Jimmy runs into several challenges while trying to make is way to his bug out location. Once there he thinks he is just going to try to make it on his own. His outlook on this changes dramatically. I enjoy seeing Jimmy evolve and change in his new world and I think you will too.

How do you think you would respond? Do you think you could make it as a lone wolf? How would the rebuilding of society begin? How would the governments of the world respond?

I like the fact that the book makes it clear that in a society changing event foraging and gardening are going to just be a given. No one can build a future on their own. The best a lone wolf can hope for is to survive. Building a community then quickly having a sense of home and family. I think that part of this book is the most realistic I have read. Good people will come together for their mutual benefit.

This book is a work of fiction, but you can use fiction to help learn about yourself and how you might respond. 

Even if you are not into post apocalyptic fiction, you could still enjoy this book. Not very graphic when it comes to violence which is good if you want to use this book to start a conversation with younger teens. A little action, adventure, and even just a bit of clean romance thrown in to round it all out. This book talks about building community and dealing with challenges that could occur. Very little profanity and no sex or nudity. That is a big deal to me. This would be an excellent book to share with older children as a discussion starter.

Now to the giveaway. Just leave a comment on this blog and a winner will be selected on February 9th 2015. I will be giving someone a gift on my birthday. How much more simple could we make it? I hope you win.

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