Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly Book Bonanza Whole Wheat Bread Making

I just love the smell of home baked bread. I have made fresh bread several times in a bread machine. I love the flavor, texture, and of course the smell. I tried to make wheat bread a couple of times, but it never came out right. You could eat it fresh but after only a few minutes it would setup almost like concrete. Not very appetizing.

I gave up on whole wheat bread for a long time. I received the book Whole Wheat Bread Making by Donna Miller.

One of the things I really like about this little book is that it is written so you can make bread even if you don't have a bread machine or fancy equipment. This little book is written with instructions on how to make whole wheat bread either with a bread machine or just some simple tools and your oven. That is important to me. 

Donna tells us about using a grain mill. A grain mill ensures that your flour is the freshest possible. Fresh flour gives you a lighter and more nutritious bread. But Donna doesn't just cover using fresh milled flour, she also covers using flour that you can buy from the grocery store. 

Donna spends a good amount of time covering all of the needed ingredients to make whole wheat bread. She explains why some ingredients are superior to others. She also makes suggestions as to the best quality ingredients. 

I also like the fact that Donna takes time to explain the proper way to measure ingredients. I had never thought that there was a wrong way to measure ingredients. This alone may have been a reason my previous attempts at baking wheat bread were failures. 

Donna covers kneading techniques, what to expect during the rising process, what types of baking pans to use, free form baking (not using a pan), adding ingredients like herbs, eggs, or other liquids. And even includes an option to take free online classes withe the purchase of this book to help ensure success. 

After reading this book I will have to try my hand at making wheat bread again. I am looking forward to it.

I wish you Rural Dreams and Homestead Wishes.

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