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Duct Tape 911 a book review X 2

A Book Review X 2

I love when my wife and I work together on anything. I especially like it when she embraces something that is important to me. When my book came in the mail she called me. I am sure she was wondering what it was. When I told her she was excited and told me she wanted to read it as well.

So you are going to get two reviews for the price of one. I believe in ladies first so with that.

Nicole RRT Review

The Duct Tape 911 book by Dr. James Hubbard is truly an amazing little book. With its easy to follow instructions and illustrations, I feel quite confident that even an older child could accomplish patching up someone, including themselves! For the most part all of the chapters are easily accessible though it would be neat to have them tabbed for quick reference.

I like how it’s the right size. It does not contain an excessive amount of information that you could get lost in. It’s simple in a way that is efficient just like the tape it talks about. Step by step instructions help make it fool proof, and anymore whether layman or professional can take something from it.

From accidents, to pesky blisters, and emergency situations, this book covers the basics that can really rescue you in a jam. It has very much broadened my knowledge of the vast uses of this little miracle adhesive. An example to point out is in Chapter 23-CPR Mouth Barrier .Being a Respiratory Therapist, I really was enthusiastic about this one! During CPR, Dr. Hubbard explains that you can use the tape to place over the victim’s mouth for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It could save a life. I would like to add a warning that the victim may vomit, which could still seep through the opening.

I am convinced that this handbook should be in everyone’s home as well as Bug Out Bags, glove boxes, and even right there with your First-Aid kit. Oh and don’t forget the Duct Tape!

Gregg The Rural Economist Review

If you were to ask 100 "make do" engineers what their top five must have items are the three that would appear in every list would be bailing wire, WD40, and of course duct tape. Ode to Duct Tape, that fixer of all things, that miracle of modern science. It is a wonderful thing. It has been used in literally thousands of ways. From making prom dresses to covering a window that was shattered. Strong, really sticky, and water resistant (did you see when Mythbusters made a boat out of duct tape?)

Do you really need any more reasons to like duct tape? Well guess what? Dr Hubbard The Survival Doctor has several more reasons. This book is very well put together. All of the needed warnings and suggestions are given, each duct tape use is explained in a step by step fashion and very well illustrated.

I really enjoyed reading this book and now have some things to practice doing with duct tape. I want a roll not only at home, but I want to add a roll to my backpack, my workshop, and keep a roll in every vehicle. If you like to camp or hike, if you have children or are into preparedness, YOU NEED THIS BOOK. Now if you will excuse me I need to go buy some more duct tape.

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