Saturday, October 26, 2013

Quick, Easy, and Cheap Treats (Gregg's Treats)

Growing up my dad was the primary sweet maker. That might have been because he was the primary sweet eater. He made nearly all of the sweets that were consumed while I was growing up. I watched him make all kinds of wonderful things, I also saw him make a few disasters, but that is part of experimenting with food.

Dad taught me a few basic principles that apply to more than just making treats. (1) Simple is always better. (2) Use existing products when at all possible. (3) Always be willing to change things up. I have added a few rules that only apply to treats (1) Chocolate is good (2) Peanut Butter is Good and (3) Anything that helps me skip a step is Good.

Don't get me wrong Rice Kripsy treats are good and all, but my version is much better. Only three ingredients and about six minutes will give you a really yummy treat for the whole family. (If you or anyone in your family has peanut allergies you know you cannot have these treats. Sorry)

2 bags marshmallows
Jar peanut butter
Frosted Flakes

That is it. Sorry I don't measure anything unless I am following someone else's recipe. Take 1 1/2 bags of marshmallows and put them in a microwavable bowl and about 1 1/2 cups of peanut butter (Like I said I do not measure I just dump peanut butter in there till it looks right. You will figure it out after a try or two.) Microwave on high for 3 1/2 minutes. You will notice the marshmallows expanding as they melt so don't let them overflow the bowl or you will have a sticky mess. 

Once you take the marshmallow and peanut butter out of the microwave start mixing in the frosted flakes. I normally use about 1/2 a box. Again I don't measure. What you are looking for is a good firm consistency that is still light enough for you to stir. You will notice that it will get stringy, this is a good thing. I like a nice light brown color. After I have everything mixed up well I take a wooden spoon and pack the treats down into the pan or bowl. I sprinkle a layer of frosted flakes on top and pat them down with the wooden spoon as well. Let cool and eat. That is it.

These treats can be made on the stove top as well. It is best if you have a double boiler, but can be made with direct heat, you just have to be very careful to keep the marshmallows from scorching.

These treats are very customize able as well. I have added chocolate chips several times and I have even made these treats with chocolate cereal. Just be creative. I will be posting two more recipes for simple treats in the very near future. I hope you enjoy.

Life should not be all serious. Some times a treat is all that is needed to make a day better. I hope you like these. You can follow this blog by clicking the Join This Site button which is on this page. You can join in the conversation, see the free ebooks that I have found and just generally stay connected with The Rural Economist by following on Facebook by clicking HERE

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