Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Rural Economist Salute to Fathers

This post is not going to be exactly as I planned. I had intended on writing about homesteading, farming, and country dads because that is who I am and what I promote. Something made me realize that this post had to be much broader.

I was blessed today to meet a man that was taking his son and grandchildren out for an adventure. All I will say is it turned out to be a bigger adventure than they anticipated. I do not know if I would have met this man under normal circumstances. The man I met today in everything he said and did he showed his love for his family and his God. He also showed his concern for his fellowman. In the course of our conversation he quoted Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. This man was diligently trying to teach his children and grandchildren to be honorable and God fearing people. He is teaching them the only ways that he knows. He is teaching them the ways of the city, but with honor. He does not face an easy task.

In the past couple of decades the image of fathers has taken a beating. I have seen the portrayal of fathers change from decent, well meaning characters to a bumbling bunch of buffoons.  That every member of the family takes pleasure in ridiculing and manipulating. I will quickly admit that we are partially to blame for this transition. There are far too many men out there that would rather spend their time on the golf course, the lake or in the woods than with their children. There is nothing wrong with wanting some time to yourself, but always make time for your children. Lots of time for your children. 

As a homestead dad, I am all about teaching and showing my children the ways of the country. Rural skills that I believe will be needed in the difficult times that I think are to come. I love teaching my children about splitting firewood, how to do basic auto maintenance, anything and everything I can teach them. I teach all of my children anything in which I can get them interested. This is not only my duty, it is my joy.

To all the fathers out there, do not leave this responsibility to your wives. Take your  place. Do what is right. The future of our nation depends on us passing skills on to our children.

I salute those of you who do your best. To you mothers that have been forced to be both dad and mom, I salute you even more. We can teach our children to 

Keep It Rural 

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