Friday, February 8, 2013

The Best Birthday Gift

My wife gave me my birthday gift a day early. She is working tonight and will be a zombie most of the day tomorrow. She came in with a pine wood case, it was beautiful box, in that box was a lot of wonderful things. She proved beyond any doubt that she loves and listens to me.

Some of the things that were in that box were as follows. A farmers almanac, lots of recipes and tips and tricks on gardening. A word find, hours of cheap entertainment for me. An insulated mug, for hot cocoa or coffee when I am working in the yard or garden on a cool morning. An insulated pair of work gloves, I don't use them much but when I do they are priceless especially on cold mornings. Two packs of playing cards, on rainy days nothing is better than the family playing a good game of spades. A chainsaw tool. A compass, lots of snacks, ink pens, and a seed spreader.

Now I am going to tell you the items that brought tears to my eyes. I am not kidding. She bought me a straight razor, a shaving mug and brush, and a real fancy garden journal. She knows that I want to keep records of our garden adventures and that I have been wanting to learn straight razor shaving and the mug and brush is a way for me to never have to buy shaving cream again. One more step to self reliance.

My wife's gift was thoughtful and extremely well put together. I loved every part of her gift. Now I just need to sharpen the razor, I have already used the mug and brush and started filling out the garden journal. Greatest birthday present every.

Thank you baby for an incredible birthday gift that will help me to
Keep It Rural

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