Application for Inclusion in Business Directory

Filling out this form does not guarantee inclusion in the directory. I will personally visit every site to make sure that your business is a good fit for this community. Costs for inclusion are $20 per year for text links and $55 per year for html links. Html link sizes are restricted to 300 x 250 and 468 x 60.

All links will be "no follow" the purchasing of back links is prohibited. Select businesses will have to option of being mentioned on the podcast as well. This is a service to small, micro, and cottage businesses as well as my readers. I wish to help advance small businesses in any way I can. This is the primary reason the add prices are so low. Your business may not be the only representative in your category.

All fees are payable through PayPal. Once your store/site has been approved an invoice will be sent to the email address on record. Fees are due once per year. A renewal invoice will be sent on the anniversary of your businesses inclusion. You will have 10 days to pay renewal fees.